Life Cure

Are you the ones who focus on the full side of the glass, or are you the ones who always focus on the empty side and get pessimistic? To those who focus on the empty part, does this not tire your body and soul? Because research has shown that pessimism negatively affects both the soul and the body. That’s where positive psychology comes into our lives. So I wanted to tell you today about the beauty that being optimistic can bring to your life.

What Is Positive Psychology?

Christopher Peterson, a professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan, describes positive psychology as a scientific study of what makes life worth living. In other words, you can think of positive psychology as a scientific approach that aims to focus on the strengths of human thoughts, emotions, and behaviors rather than the weaknesses, building the good in life rather than repairing bad situations. So it focuses on positive events in life and their impact. Another benefit of positive psychology is that it teaches us the power of changing a point of view and helps us to realize it.

Feeding the heart

If you want to build the good, I think you should start by thinking about the good first. Thinking well, or in other words being optimistic, is not only good for your psychological health, it also strengthens your overall health and reduces the risk of disease. There are even studies showing that optimistic or happy people are healthier, more successful and live longer compared to other people. The researchers concluded that optimism reduces the risk of heart attacks and premature death as a result of 15 studies of about 230 thousand people who were followed for an average of 14 years.Also, optimism ‘percentages’ are in a highly advantageous position against pessimism: positivity has a 35 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease and 14 percent lower risk of premature death than pessimism.

Lowering blood pressure

A study published in Harvard Health Publishing included nearly 2,500 individuals age 65 and older. The study found that individuals with positive emotions had lower blood pressures compared to those with a negative outlook. At the same time, the study result shows that individuals with the most positive emotions had the lowest blood pressure.

What should we do?

Happy people know how to be happy with small things and don’t Rush life. When something bad happens to you, realize it’s a temporary process and don’t let it affect the rest of your day. What pain or sadness hurts you as much as it used to? Think about it and don’t focus on things that can’t be changed. Because it only wastes time and creates stress. At this point, you can improve your skills to cope with stress, change your environment or habits to enjoy life.