Choccy banana dream shake (vegan)

This is the best health habit to start
implementing; when breakfast is firing up
the body with quality energy and nutrients,
you’ll be well on your way to feeling
super-gorgeous and glowingly beautiful
every day. ünce this healthy-breakfast
habit is fonned, that’s one third of the diet
changed already! How easy is that?

The very best food you can eat in the
morning is fruit; this provides plenty of
slow-release energy plus ali those wonderful
skin-glowing vitamins and antioxidants.
Not only is fruit mega-healthy, but it’s surely
the tastiest health food on the planet! As
much as I love chocolate cake, I’ d much
rather munch on a watermelon or guzzle
ona fresh ripe peach.

A super smoothie for those in a hurry.

• 2 organic bananas
• 1 handful organic dried dates
• 1 tablespoon of raw cocoa powder (or
raw carob powder)
• Quarter o f a vanilla pod
• 300-500ml/ -1 pint filtered water
Howto make
• Soak the dates overnight in 300ml/10
fi oz of water
• In the morning blend everything
• Add more water if necessary
• Drink it within halfan hour and enjoy
the bit of the nutritious chocolate