This is the best health habit to start
implementing; when breakfast is firing up
the body with quality energy and nutrients,
you’ll be well on your way to feeling
super-gorgeous and glowingly beautiful
every day. once this healthy-breakfast
habit is fonned, that’s one third of the diet
changed already! How easy is that?

The very best food you can eat in the
morning is fruit; this provides plenty of
slow-release energy plus ali those wonderful
skin-glowing vitamins and antioxidants.
Not only is fruit mega-healthy, but it’s surely
the tastiest health food on the planet! As
much as I love chocolate cake, I’ d much
rather munch on a watermelon or guzzle
ona fresh ripe peach.

Don’t worry that you
won’t be full enough – the recipes below

will leave you satisfied enough to ignore
the coffee-break doughnuts. Plus, considering
that you can’t really get fat from eating
fruit, you can eat as much as you want
while you adjust to this lighter breakfast –
you’re not ‘ona diet’, so don’t suffer or go
hungry for the sake of beauty.

You can also add a teaspoon of hemp
oil (or other EFA-rich oil) anda teaspoon of
super-food powder (spirulina ete.) to these
breakfasts to boost their nutritional power
even more.

Breakfast in a glass (vegan)

• 1 large ripe organic banana
• 1 handful organic raisins
• 1 small handful organic porridge oats
• 300-SOOml/ -1 pint filtered water
• Shake of powdered cinnamon
• Dash of vanilla essence (optional)
How to make
• The night before, place the oats and
raisins in 300ml/ pint of water
• in the morning place the mixture in a
• Add the banana and spice
• Blend thoroughly
• Add more water if necessary