Considering that the skin has its own
physiological processes that help to keep
it in good working order, it is safe to
assume that it needs very little in the
way of lotions and potions to maintain
its health. it is therefare truly astounding
how many different skincare products are
available; there are even different products
far each individual area and part of the
body. To put it simply, ali we really need
is son1ething to clean the skin and perhaps
something to moisturise it afterwards.

However, most of us enjoy using luxury
skin treats and bath potions, and there are
also personal care items to consider, such
as toothpaste and deodorant, which have
become necessary items of daily use for
most people. On the whole it is possible to
make fairly generic products (a hand cream
beconıes a foot balm which is also a rough
skin-soother for elbows ete.) to cover a wide
range of uses, thus cutting down on the
amount of different ingredients that skin
is exposed to. Why is this important? Well,
just as in the diet, where the body assimilates
most easily those meals made of fewer
ingredients, the skin may also absorb and
utilise those potions better which are made
of fewer and simpler natura) ingredients.
The less the body is exposed to at one time,
the less likely there will be an allergic reaction.
it will also be easier to pinpoint any
sensitivity to ingredients the fewer there are.