it is important to understand that the skin,
like every other part of the body, is selfrepairing,
self-maintaining and exclusively
constructed using materials from our daily
diet. Our skincare products can only do so
much, no matter how natura! and organic
they are. We are literally built from the raw
materials we consume, so if we want superhealthy
flawless skin, we have to eat a
super-healthy flawless diet high in waterrich,
nutrient-rich fresh natura! faods.
Our skincare products are only playing a
secondary part in creating the health and
good looks of our skin. The best thing we
can do far our skin is feed it healthily from
the inside, and cleanse and nourish it from
the outside with a few carefully farmulated
100% natural safe products.

When deciding what products to make
or use, it is a good idea to bear in mind these
two concepts:

Less is more; the fewer products and
the fewer ingredients in each product,
the better far your skin

If you wouldn’t be able to eat it, don’t
put it on your skin

This last one seems obvious, and yet how
many people each day rub several toxic
chemicals onto their skin? Nobody would
dream of eating make-up, and yet it often
gets worn on the face far eight hours or
more. Remember, the skin is nota separate
entity but an important part of the whole
body and our biggest organ. So if you
wouldn’t rub shampoo onto your Jiver, it’s
probably best not to wash your hair with
it. Although the skin only has a limited
absorptive capacity, it is unknown exactly
what that capacity actually is far each
individual chemical.