While the 2019 beauty trends follow an experimental direction, we now adopt dramatic trends in 2020 and we act as if we always apply such styles! We now use neon headlights and embroidered makeup not only in festivals and night styles. Interesting trends, which did not intimidate ourselves, have become part of our daily lives. It is time to try the colorful and different makeup applications we see almost everyday on Instagram. The makeup trends we saw at the Spring 2020 fashion shows were quickly moved to the red carpet and Instagram pages. Against the eccentric makeup you see, “Where will I use this?” If you reproach: “Everywhere!” We want to answer.

Among the makeup trends at two different ends, there are styles that look as extravagant as naturalness. Makeup trends inspired by all periods until the 60’s and 90’s, do not go away from retro styles, just like clothes. One day, Twiggy from the 60s, we try the Naomi Campbell style from the 90s the other day. Makeup trends that include us in a fun time journey also bring the beach breezes and futuristic lines to the city style. You can take a look below to examine makeup trends that know no limits …


Our enlightening passion in makeup does not end! However, this year, we are turning to natural shine in addition to silvery highlighter products. Moist looking skin brings the beach style to the city. The natural effect in beauty and fashion continues with this ‘natural glow’ look that you can try with creams, moisturizers or balms. With the smooth and wet-looking skins capturing the spring 2020 fashion shows, we will always look like they have just emerged from the sea!


Colorful eye makeup is not only the favorite of Instagram, but also the red carpet. The colored headlights, which we usually see in warm tones such as red, orange or pink, turn to cold tones in 2020. With metallic purples, stunning blues and neon greens, you can create impressive looks. Cool and cool shades are among the most trendy eye makeup of the season.


The geometric eyeliner trend is one of the most popular makeup styles of recent months. You can try eclectic styles with eyeliner shapes that turn your eyes into a canvas. Unexpected lines that you can apply with metallic, colored or neon eyeliner can be the most colorful alternative to classic black eyeliner! You can combine this trend with embroidered eye makeup!


Blushes that add vitality to your face when you are tired and sleepless are in extra sizes this year. This image, inspired by the 70s, is rubbed from your cheekbones to your eyes. You can create different makeup styles with intense blushes that create a mask look.

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