The general idea is to stuff as much fresh
or dried plant material into the jar as you
can fit, then cover it with a nıild-smelling
plant oil – sunflower, almond and apricot
are ali good – puta lid on the jar, and leave
in a warm place (sunny windowsill, airing
cupboard, radiator top ete). Shake the jar
every day, and check weekly to see if the
oil is nicely scented and coloured; this usually
takes at least two weeks. Also check for
rotten plant bits – some plants go brown and
bits may need to be removed and replaced
with new.

If you are using fresh flowers
or herbs rather than dried, then you will

need to change the plants every few days to
ensure you don’t make mould-infused oil!
When the oil is suitably infused, strain
it off through a muslin-lined sieve, making
sure that any sediment in the jar gets left
behind. Put your beautiful aromatic oil into
an amber glass bottle and store in a dry, cool
place aut of direct light. It should keep from
six months to a year.
Let’s run through the process by making
infused rose oil:

lnfused rose oil

• Several handfuls of fresh scented dried
rose petals
• 500ml/1 pint organic almond or
sunflower oil
• Infused oils keep far 6-12 months
Skin types
• Suitable far ali, but especially
beneficial far dry and mature skins
How to make
• Pack your rose petals into a large clean
dry glass jar completely cover with the
almond oil
• Put the lid on and shake
• Leave somewhere warm to infuse

• Shake the oil every day and check far
rotten petals
• Tf any petals go brown, remove and
replace with fresh ones
• Repeat until oil smells lovely and rosy
(no Ionger than a month)
• Strain off your gorgeous rose oil
through a muslin-lined sieve
• Put into a clean dry glass bottle.
• Label and date it
Use this luxurious oil on

face and body, in
the bath or in your home-made potions; feel
like a gorgeous rose fairy with the softest
skin ever!
This format can be applied to making
any infused oil from a wide variety of
medicinal and scented plants. Commonly
used macerated/ infused oi Is in natura!
cosmetics are:

• Calendula oil – fresh or dried pot
marigold petals infused in oil
• Carrot oil – freshly grated carrot
infused in sunflower oil fara betacarotene-
rich ingredient
• Yarrow oil – a garden lawn ‘weed’,
yarrow makes a super skin-healing-oil

Far those of you who would like to replace
essential oils with infused versions, it is also
possible to fftake up nice mixtures to replicate
a diluted essential-oil blend, e.g.

• Cinnamon sticks and freshly grated
orange peel in almond oil
• Rose geranium leaves, jasmine flowers
and gardenia blossoms ali from the
• Fresh lavender buds, chamomile
flowers and honeysuckle flowers
The only limit is your imagination, and
what you can grow or buy.

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