• We know that processed, junk and read ·made packaged food is unhealthy, and that its convenience comes with a hefty health price.
• The same is true of your skincare products.
• Re dy-made, processed potio’ı.s are indeed convenient, but at at price for skin health? Jonk products are always inferior to those freshly made from wholesome ingredients.
• Choose the home-made and the fresh over the preserved

Cosmetics/make-up – Lipsticks, foun-dation, nail varnish, hair dye ete.: basi-cally any product designed to superficially enhance beauty.

Personal care/toiletries – Functional bathroom products designed for daily use: things Jike soap, shower gel, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant ete.

Skincarejbeauty products – Moisturis-ers, cleansers, bath treats, Ieg wax, face-masks, sugar-scrubs ete.

Cosmetic law- in Europe, the EU Cosmetic Directives, which are long-winded pieces of legislation mainly aimed at makers of commercial cos-metics. However, just to give you an idea, the law states that the · product must not cause harın when used for its stated purpose and that the responsibility for determjning safety lies with the manufacturer.

Natural Cosmatic

The Directives also list lots of ingredients that caruıot legally be used or that have restricted use. However, as we will be using only safe natura) ingre-dients we don’t have to worry about that aspect, although it would be wise to fanuliar-ise yourself with the banned/ restricted list if you are planıung to make potions for others, as there are some natura! ingredients on it.

Unfortunately the large cosmetic trade associations (which advise boards who form these laws) are themselves funded by memberships from large cheınical and cosmetic companies, so despite there being a law about cosınetic safety, there are lots of very unsafe and downright harmful chenu-cals still legally allowed in skincare prod ucts. Even so-called ‘natura!’ cosmetics often have their fair-share of nasties tlwown into the mix.

The beauty industry itself is also very fond of using pseudo-scientific jargon to lead the consumer to believe that skin h·aıısforma-tion of aıı almost miraculous nature will hap-pen if you use their product.

They also like to insinuate that their products are wonderful nature-potions mixed in the very Garden of Eden; this is because the word ‘natura)’ selis, and it is very good maı·keting to get your customers to believe that a jar of petroleum, water and preservatives is actually a sublime blend of aromatic aııd healing plant extracts.

For example terms like:

Obviously, they caıı’t actually lie in their adverts or on the label; however it is very easy to mislead;

‘Younger-looking skin’-This is actually quite a vague term which can’t be backed up scientifically as it is too subjective.

‘Anti-ageing’ – 1 have to laugh when I see this one. What are they actually saying here? Does a pot of mainly water and petro-chemicals really have the power to halt time?