An alternative to using bought essential oils is to nıake your own infused oils instead; these are nıore akin to a ready diluted essence rather that a powerful concentrate.

A good reason for nıaking your own infused essences is an environmental one; 1 have always found it strange that whole fields of flowers can be destroyed to make a small anıount of concentrated product that we then have to dilute! The wastefu lness makes nıe cringe.

The ecological downsides of essential oils can be shocking, and that’s before we even consider the unethical and unsustainable felling of beautiful old sandalwood and rosewood trees.

Some Oils

A lot of oils come from poor and third-world coun-tries: is our desire for fragrance ensuring that others !ive in stink and misery? lt is not as if our lives depend on using these potent essences – we can enjoy tbe simple plea-sures of aromatherapy by breathing in the aronıas of actual flowers and herbs. Take time out to smell the roses, feel the silky cool petals against your face and breathe in deeply; this is real-life aromatherapy!

An infused oil is a plant oil that bas been infused with an aromatic or medicinal plant. The plant material is placed into a glass or ceramic conta iner and covered with the oil and left to ‘infuse’ or ‘macerate’ until the oil takes up the fragrance and colour of the original plant;

This usually takes about two weeks

The result is an already dilute oil which can be used exactly as it is for massage, in the batlı or asa skincare oil, and it can also be used as an ingredient in cosmetic preparations such as creams and moisturisers. Depending on how much you want to make, all you need is a handful or two of fresh (dried will suffice) herbs or flowers and enough plant oil to cover them.

it is easy, fun, cheap and anyone can make wonderful fragranced oils this way. You also have peace of mind in knowing that it is 100% pure and totally natura!; and you can even use your own plants if you have some growing in the garden.