As a practitioner of holistic health and discerning earth-carer, I have great interest in environınental ınedicine: that which is concerned with the effect of toxins in the environment (air, food, water, cosmetics ete.) on human and planetary health. üne of my specialist areas is the skin, and how to care for it holistically and avoid dam-aging chernicals; to this end I have been making ıny own 100% natura! skincare products for over 14 years, and I now teach others how to make their own through ıny group workshops.

By making your own fabulous 100% natura! Earth-friendly beauty potions you can lovingly care for yourself and this wonderful planet at the same time, although true holistic beauty comes frorn within and not from a bottle (regardless of what the label ınight say); being kind to your own body, the environment, pla.nts and animals is an act of beauty in itself. Soıne say that beauty is only skin deep. Not so! Being a beautiful person inside is ınore attractive than having a ‘fancy covering’; beauty is not just about what one looks like, but is a deeper expression of our personality. How-ever, as skin is a vital part of the whole body, attention to its needs is also important.

To keep skin in a healthy state, and therefore looking good, depends on many factors including a natura] water-rich wholesome diet, access to fresh air, and intelligent sun exposure. Using potions and lotions is only part of the equation; they cannot work miracles! in this book you will discover how to care for your skin in a holistic way and how to create your very own hand-made and totally gorgeous products that will feel wonderful on the skin, but won’t harm planet Earth, its people or aniınals. Mak-ing your own skincare delights is also an enjoyable craft in itself, and is lots of messy fun for young and old alike.

Why DIY beautify?

  1. You know exactly what you’ve put in it
  2. You can tailor-make it for your own skin needs
  3. You can make it smell the way you like
  4. You can create a product with your exact ethical specifications (e.g. vegan, organic, fair-trade ete.)
  5. Your potioı, is freshly made
  6. You can avoid ingredients that you’re allergic to
  7. You can choose eco-friendly packaging and avoid plastic
  8. You can make really gorgeous gifts that will impress your friends!